Facebook contacts export

Here’s a quick note about how to get your contact list (emails, phone numbers, maybe more) out of Facebook.

Firstly, Facebook doesn’t let you export. So there’s that.

You can connect Yahoo mail, and/or Hotmail to Facebook. There are pretty straightforward tools on the Yahoo and Hotmail sites to do this. Hotmail will also let you connect to Linkedin, if that’s something that you want to do.

Once you have them in Yahoo or Hotmail, you should be able to export them, right? Wrong. As part of the process, Facebook locks the export ability. You can edit every Yahoo contact to remove the Facebook block, but that’s a lot of manual work. And, despite the Yahoo documentation, just adding contacts to a list does not make them exportable.

But you can install Yahoo Mail and Hotmail on your Android phone (I used my Nook Color, but it’s the same idea). The applications will let you sync users to your local contacts.

Once you have local contacts, you can use the built-in export tool to save them as a single-file vcard.

Copy the vcard to your computer, and now you can import (Linux users: Evolution is way better at this than Thunderbird).

I will come back and clean this up soon, but if you need a way, this worked for me.

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  1. Very handy this! Thanks for that. Going to save me much frustration and fumbling to achieve the same.

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